LeConnex Matchmaker's Solution: Features

Leads/Sales Pipline

This is a clear and effective workspace for matchmakers and sales teams to organize & categorize, then delegate potential clients respectively. The system also tracks where all your leads come from so you know where your marketing is producing strongest results and give the justification for allocation of marketing dollars.

eMarketing Suite

Use the web to its full potential and build up your customer base utilizing our full marketing suite. Create marketing lists using your database, save email templates to streamline deployments, and even automate all your deployments so you never have to think about it again and your deployment always goes out on time.


Client Administration

You are given the ability to intuitively manage all of your client's profiles. From the moment a lead is created, all the way to their last introduction, and all financial interactions are recorded. Additionally, the services provided, to include all matches, introduction or any actions ever taken with each client logged in real-time and available for you to go back and review at any time.


Matchmaking Engine

This is the cat’s meow for all Matchmakers’. It is the LeConnex algorithm the drive our digital Matchmaking Engine. It gives matchmakers the freedom to really focus on the clients and spend less time matching using paper files. You can't put a price on the ability to view each client’s profile and find the best possible matches for each. Matchmakers can also set up dates and record debriefings directly in the system, saving valuable time while still providing personal service!

Sales Tracking

Make sure thet you are getting the most out of your employees by assigning each prospect to the most qualified sales person or matchmaker available. Also assure efficiency and progress by tracking each lead that every employee is working on and how far along they are in the sales pipeline.

Detailed Reporting

Effective decisions begin with understanding and processing the statistics and facts about your business’ numbers. Get a grip on your prospects, clients and outstanding obligations with our detailed reporting system. Some of the reports offered include Lead Sources, Sales, Commissions, Telemarketing Stats, Receivables and much more. Stop guessing and focus on the facts!

Multiple Office Capability

Have more than one location? Not a problem! With the Professional toolset you have the ability to set up and manage multiple offices is one system. This will separate data where necessary, schedule sales appointments, manage your matchmakers and much more.

Client Portal

The Professional system will provide your clients the ability to access a designated client secure portal with a unique username and password. Here they can not only edit their profile information and picture; similarly to how they can in the Advance system, but they can also provide a quick debriefing after each date, saving time and resources of your matchmakers.

Website CMS

Your presence on the internet is directly parallel with the amount of success your company will experience. That starts first and foremost with a professional and visually stunning website. Communicate the vision for what your clients will experience when engaging your Matchmaking Service!

Multi-Lingual Support

Powered by Microsoft Translate, LeConnex give you the ability to present profiles, and clients in a multitude of languages. The system even translates personalized responses using the technology of Microsoft Translate, allowing matchmakers to find connections across multiple languages.

Event Engine

Give clients, leads and the public to register for events directly on your website. Funnel them into your sales pipeline, and push towards eventual clients or introduction resources all from within your LeConnex system. It’s perfect for speed dating events which includes reports for successful matches and mutual interests.

Background Check

Integrated directly into the LeConnex system is the ability to execute a detailed background check on potential clients with a date of birth and full name. Protect your clients and your service from problematic clients, with a few clicks and approve them after a full criminal background check. Feature requires SkipMax subscription.